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Wagon Wheel Brnch Wagon Wheel Rocker Old Dutch Windmill Rustic Horse Trough Planter

Wagon Wheel Bench
42-1/4" Wide x 24-1/2" Deep x 33" High
Made out of kiln dried Cedar with a dark antique burnt finish
UPS $49.95

Wagon Wheel Rocker
24-1/2" Wide x 24" Deep x 37-3/4" High
Made out of Fir with an old-timey burnt finish
UPS $49.95

Old Dutch Windmill
13-1/2" Wide x 13-1/2" Deep x 34-1/2" High
Blade span is 25-3/4"
Made out of Fir with a hand burnished finish
UPS $19.95

Rustic Horse Trough Planter
38-1/2" Long x 14-1/4" Wide x 35-1/2" High
Made out of Fir with a burnished Finish
(Flowers NOT Included)
UPS $29.95


Assembly is required
Made in China
While Supplies Last
If you have any questions call 618-224-7892